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07/16/2023 4:10pm EDT Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners


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49 minutes ago, Hongbit said:

Big props for the Mariners for sporting 3 different uniforms this weekend. 

Those black pants need to be retired.  But take those blue shirts with the retro font and pair them with the off white pants that they’ve got today.

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5 minutes ago, LongLiveMaroth said:

Yeah the bottom of the zone has been getting calls. That last one to Baddoo was egregious.

Baddoo and bunting were mentioned in the same sentence this weekend.  Since his debut, he’s gotten his SO% down to league average and gotten his BB% above league average.  That’s the good.  BABIP has been unkind to him, so it stands to reason his results should be better.  Maybe I’m thinking too old school, but if he could be a threat to drop bunts down the 3B line, that could potentially open up some opportunities for him.  All other things being equal, a ball player with his speed should enjoy a better than average BABIP.

I know bunting is a dinosaur and he has other skills to work on this off-season.  And maybe he’s worked on it before and it just doesn’t take, I don’t know.  But, if this could be another tool in his belt….

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