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Week Eight: Las Vegas Raiders (3-4) @ Detroit Lions (5-2)


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19 hours ago, gehringer_2 said:

Don't hate Buck but he would be deep into the bottom third of my 'like to listen to' rankings. I guess I'd turn it around, what does he bring to a broadcast? Obviously he works for a lot of people or he couldn't have kept his gig but for me he's just not a very engaging guy to listen to.

There are times he can try to be a little too cute - & I do think he would do well to stick to the plays & not get too far down the line talking about other stuff - but I just hear people trash him all the time.  I think he has a decent delivery, & he sets up Aikman well.  I remember when ESPN put Doris Burke on a broadcast, who I think can be very good, but she was in with Rex Ryan & another rookie analyst, & it was blatantly unfair. 

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2 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

I thought Sewell didn't look that good the previous couple weeks, particularly the overall disaster in Baltimore so this was a nice bounce back for him. 


They should have had Sewell shadow Maxx Crosby & set up opposite him - That dude was all over the place.

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