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11/08/2023 8:00 EDT Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons


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PLAY IVEY!!!  This guy is the most electrifying player on the team.  It seems our coach has benched him because of his defense?  If you want to punish someone, try Cade Cunningham.  He constantly throws the ball away & has 5 or 6 TOs every night.  He chucks the ball but only shoots 40%.  Hes always giving teammates orders, he thinks hes a star.    I'd rather see Ivey play before him.  Ivey could be the fastest player in the NBA.  PLAY IVEY  !!!

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11 minutes ago, buddha said:

is this draft still considered to be extremely poor?

A few early draft podcasts that I've listened to have continued to say that.

But, the college season just started and there's usually a few risers over the course of the year.

Also, there were similar narratives around the 2020 and 2022 drafts, but there are still plenty of players in those drafts that we'd love to have (Edwards, Haliburton, Maxey, Bane, Banchero, Holmgren, Murray, Sharpe, JWill, etc).

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7 minutes ago, MIguy said:

That second T that got Giannis tossed is the softest thing I've ever seen.  Not much of a basketball fan, is that because of some new rule in the NBA about taunting?  

Yeah you're not allowed to scream directly in the face of the opponent to show him up but to me it looked more like Giannis was just trying to scream in the "hype up the crowd" type of way and Stewart just so happened to be right there. I only saw the one angle though, perhaps there was another angle that I didn't see that contradicts that notion. 

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9 minutes ago, MIguy said:

Up by 10 with 6 minutes left and no Giannis and the Pistons lose? 

If Cade Cunningham weren't Cade Cunningham, Monty would have put Killian back in the game and tried to recapture the flow the offense had that went straight down the tubes when Cade came back in. It's terrible to watch a team double Cade all the way out to the time line and the Pistons don't have the movement, passing, or shooting to pick up the easy buckets that should be making available.

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