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1/9/24 7PM Kings @ Pistons

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Where is Bagley?  He is never listed on any injury reports.  He sucks but is better than Wiseman.  How do you give a guy $12.5m per and he can't get run on the worst team ever?   

How do you design a team that makes me beg for Marvin Bagley to get run?

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1 hour ago, buddha said:

team is desperate for wings.  i know!  lets trade one of the only ones we have for JAMES WISEMAN!

that's a trade so bad only a pistons beat reporter would defend it.

True testament to how bad Wiseman and the pistons are. Fans are upset a below average player and shooter was traded.

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14 hours ago, buddha said:

ausar with three fouls in 5 minutes.  needs to be in the gleague.

Yes, he needs to be away from Monty Williams immediately. In fact, I would send any young player worth a damn to the G-League just to keep them away from the Monty Williams Black Hole of Suck until he's fired and if that takes a few years so be it. Just get them away from him before they're ruined forever. 

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isnt bagley hurt?  if not, there is no reason why wiseman is playing over him.

if he IS hurt, that's also not a surprise because he has always been hurt.

either way, its another trade that has not worked put for detroit.  because troy weaver is bad at his job.

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lyles isnt even very good, but he's more of the "theoretical" stretch player they need at that position.  lyles shoots 36-40% from 3.  bagley never shoots 3s and clogs the lane without doing anything you need from a player like that (rolling to the basket on pnrs, playing defense, blocking shots).

another "big man" weaver acquired based on draft pedigree and the fact that he's tall rather than actual ability or fit with his franchise cornerstone.


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