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6/12 1:40 Blue Jays @ Tigers


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No date set for Tigers LHP Eduardo Rodríguez's next start -- in big leagues or on rehab. A.J. Hinch said he may have an update in a day or two. No further details.

-This sounds like he is away from the team for an off the field issue I think.


cisnero- swollen Achilles’ tendon. Wont pitch for 2 weeks.

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51 minutes ago, kdog said:

Alexander could pitch Tuesday or he could get a few more outings in Toledo…no decision yet.

Tigers are doing fine without Cisnero so him being delayed is not that big of a deal.  If Alexander is going to be in the pen that's not much help right now either.  They need starters.

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3 minutes ago, Tenacious D said:

Calling a Meadows HR today.

That's a pretty bold prediction, all things considered.

On 4/26/2022 at 8:18 AM, 1776 said:

Looking at the weather there, they must not “observe” spring in MN.  Yikes!


On 4/28/2022 at 8:07 AM, JackPine said:

I'll be there today!


On 5/1/2022 at 6:22 PM, romad1 said:

Jesus, and now we have to face Pittsburgh again?  When did they join the AL NorthCentral?


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6 minutes ago, Dave Christian said:




My new idea.   (Rays & Marlins move to Montreal & Nashville because nobody in Florida cares about baseball dispite the fact that a lot of old people retire there and old people are the median age for baseball fans now). 

Nobody gets compensation since everyone uses the DH.    Shut up Pittsburgh.  We know you are an original NL team, but you don't even try to win anymore, so shut up.    

I still think of Houston as a National League team, so move them back.   

Fire Ausmus


AL East
Baltimore, Boston, NY Yankees, Pittsburgh, Toronto

AL Central
Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minnesota

AL West
Kansas City, Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Texas

NL East
Chicago, Montreal  NY Mets, Philadelphia, Washington

NL South
Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, Nashville, St Louis,

NL West
Arizona, Colorado, LA Dodgers, San Diego, San Francisco

Limited Interleague Play with a guaranteed Home/Away series with your 'buddy' team every year

Baltimore v Washington  The Beltway Battle 
Boston vs. Atlanta          Beantown Battle
NY Yankees vs NY Mets    Big Apple Battle
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia   The Pennsylvania Pissing Contest
Toronto vs. Montreal      Maple Leaf Melee
Chi WS vs. Chi Cubs   Southside vs. Northside
Cleveland vs. Cincinnati   The something something of Ohio
Detroiit vs. Nashville      Motown vs. Musictown
Milwaukee vs. Arizona       The Odd Men Out Trophy
Minnesota vs. Colorado     The Frozen Foray
Kansas City vs. St. Louis     Battle of Mizzou
Oakland vs. San Francisco    The Bay Area Battle Until Oakland ownership screws it up,  
LA Angels vs. LA Dodgers     The Superficial Showdown
Seattle vs. San Diego        The West Coast Expansion Before It Was Ready Battle
Texas vs. Houston       You can mess with Texas, the cops are scared.  



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