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9/28 @ 7:40 Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins


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25 minutes ago, RandyMarsh said:

I really haven't been paying that close attention to individual stats of late but boy did Schoop and Hasse's power numbers fall off a cliff the past couple months. It feels like they had 21 and 23 HRs back in late July and early August and they're still there now. 

Schoop went almost an entire month without hitting a homer and when he did the dugout jokingly gave him the silent treatment. 

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5 minutes ago, Tigeraholic1 said:


OK - that helps explain things a bit. So Niko apparently did bitch at Abreu. I couldn't really tell from the video what he had done that set Jose off. Visually it just looked like Niko was backing away and it wasn't clear he had said anything.  In fact at first I thought Abreu might have been mad because Niko groined him with the tag, but on replay that didn't appear to be the case either.

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In all honesty if the season ended a week ago I would’ve been totally fine with that. I’m feeling kind of spent on it. It’s like the last course of a big meal and it’s a dessert wine I’m disinterested in. They gave me a lot of joy this year. Lots of excitement lots of unexpected things and a lot to look forward to. I’m done but they’re not. 

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I like Alexander.  He feels like a throwback, a lefty whose fastball tops at 89 and who throws offspeed crap all day.  He is a nice contrast to the max effort flamethrowers and I want to reserve the number 4 spot in the rotation for him.  He is the sort of guy about whom they used to say "He screws up your timing for a week".

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