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05/16/2023 6:40 pm EDT Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers


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Scott Harris brings pinch of the Giants’ offense to Detroit



So far in 2023, the Detroit Tigers lead the league in pinch-hit appearances with 50. This isn’t a fluke, nor is it Hinch’s design in particular. The 2022 Giants were by far the most active team in the major leagues in terms of pinch-hit appearances. While National League team pinch-hitting appearances dropped by about 60 percent with the advent of the universal designated hitter rule, the Giants completely bucked the trend. They pinch-hit 258 times in 2022, 98 more times than the second most active club, the Oakland Athletics. They pinch hit only a little less than average for a National League club in 2021, before the DH came to the National League full-time. This is the Giants philosophy transported to Detroit.


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2 minutes ago, Crazy Cat Gentleman said:

haha, throwing error on a pickoff attempt of Baddoo. Tork scores, Baddoo ends up on 3rd.

Verlander used to do that time to time when he was here and it drove me crazy, granted JV did pickoff his fair share of runners but it felt like the throwing errors/passed balls on the pickoff moves far outweighed that especially when it allowed runners to score like in this situation. To me it just isn't worth trying to get cute and get the rare pickoff in situations like that. 

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