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05/27/2023 1:10 pm EDT Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers


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Missed opportunity to dig into the Chicago bullpen last night.  Lynn had a very high pitch count last night and then rebounded a bit in the middle innings, some single digit pitch innings if I remember it correctly.   Scholtens seems like he might be ripe for the Tigers’ recent OBP fueled by BB to take advantage of.

The games count separately in the standings, but I like a series approach of digging into an opponent’s bullpen.  Try to get them worked as much as possible early in a series so the options are slimmer in the final games of a series.  Giolito didn’t last long in game 1.  Lynn shouldn’t have lasted long in game 2.  Now there’s a rookie in game 3 today. The lost opportunity yesterday affects today.  And then Cease starts tomorrow’s game.

Anywho, that’s one of the checkers strategies that I like.

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Don't look now, but Jonathan Schoop is hitting .375 (6-for-16) in his last nine days, including today, back to May 12.

Stretch it out to just over a full month (since April 23), and he's hitting .267 (12/45) with an on base over .300.

Keep it going, Schoopy.

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10 minutes ago, Crazy Cat Gentleman said:

bummer. but obviously still lots of fun to watch Lorenzen have his way with everyone.


Now with only a 2 run lead, does the bullpen start kicking in with warming up?  Or do you wait a bit?

Ugh, leadoff walk.

Personally I’m thinking Foleyon alert for now.

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