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06/12/2023 6:40 pm EDT Atlanta Braves vs Detroit Tigers


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Just now, roarintiger1 said:

It's not going to be easy to break this losing streak anytime soon.........The Braves are pretty darn good.

And so, therefore, we're going to take two of three from them, because baseball.

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1 hour ago, theroundsquare said:

Charlie Morton vs. We'll get back to you

Hill last pitched on the 9th.  Alexander and Englert last pitched on the 10th.  Everybody else not named Boyd, Olson, or Lorenzen pitched yesterday.  I would imagine they go with the first trio to throw a bulk of the game today.  They just need to find a way to scrape by to the next off day (Thursday). 

Hill gets the biggest bulk today and then gets sent to Toledo for a fresher long arm?

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Solak has been in the majors before and he will be back with the Tigers.  He plays pretty much every position, doesn't hit much, but can draw a walk which makes him the perfect Hinch/Harris player.  

Edit: Actually doesn't draw that many walks, but hits better than I thought!  .327 lifetime OBP.  

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If Harvy doesnt have some pride and/honor and just opt out after this season, I will begin to personally despise him...right now I just professionally despide him and would rather choke on my own vomit than watch him at the plate.  

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two in, man on 2nd, still no one out in the 5th. Braves looking to put this one away.

EDIT: Hill gets out of the inning without more damage. Game is still in reach at 3-0. At least for the average team on the average night.

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The Tigers have signaled with blaring sirens that they don't care about results right now. And the process is to steer head on into the tank.

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