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07/19/2023 8:10pm EDT Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals


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39 minutes ago, buddha said:

i know this season is tough as a tigers' fan (although i would argue it was quite expected and what really matters is greene doing well and improvement from tork), but as a card carrying member of the tigers diaspora sitting in chicago, it has been AWESOME to watch the white sox go down in absolute flames.

yes, i am a hater.  proud of it.  i was terrified that the sox had finally done the right thing and rebuilt the right way quickly, but almost everything they've done has turned to dust.

eloy?  injured and lazy.  moncada?  "injured" and lazy.  lynn?  fat.  vaughn?  average.  tim anderson?  worried about instagram more than his fading abilities.  and the best part was them hiring tony larussa right during their peak window.  chef's kiss!

it is has been a glorious fall.  swift and lovely.

All of this happiness kind’ve brings a tear to your eye, don’t it?

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8 hours ago, holygoat said:

Give him the chair?


8 hours ago, mtutiger said:

Just bizarre 

Cameron Maybin dropped this little ditty during one of his broadcasts.  It was one of the slang phrases that he had encountered somewheres along the lines for a strikeout.

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2 hours ago, casimir said:

Photo of Todd Jones   Photo of Alex Lange

See any resemblance?

The big difference was that Jones would walk guys because he was being careful and consciously deciding to risk working a little too fine. Lange is just completely losing his command.

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