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07/19/2023 8:10pm EDT Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals


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3 minutes ago, LongLiveMaroth said:

I was looking at Tork's latest stats and Tork is officially above average with a 101 wRC+ for the season and a 0.4 WAR (according to FG). In the last 30 games, he has this slash line is .246/.308/.533. Pretty solid, if you look at the last 15 it is even better, .300/.373/.650. 

He keeps improving. What more can we ask of a 23 year old?

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3 hours ago, Tiger337 said:

Torkelson is pretty comparable to Vaughn in his second year.  Hopefully, Torkelson (unlike Vaughn) does not stall in year three.  

yeah - pretty close comp. Torkelson's HR rate is trending higher, esp if you discount his poor April, and somewhat better walk rates - also higher K rate. I think AZTF has him right. His ability to pull the ball and then shoot the 1B line is going to mean lots of doubles and the HR stroke is pretty classic, combine the XBH with the good walk rate you have a player that should generate a good a OPS. But at least as of now, he's not very good at extending ABs when he gets behind, which is fairly often, so it's hard to see the makings of a high BA player - at least yet.

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34 minutes ago, lordstanley said:

Every reason to think Tork is on track to hit a Series-clinching homer for the Tigers by 2027. 


Look at those 5 years from 1984 to 1988, the guy was a metronome - 28 homers, 31 steals, 140 OPS+.  Everyone else on that team had at least 1 off year during that period, but not him.

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