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March 2024 Game Thread

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Where I work we can win free tickets weekly to the Wings games, so I usually go when I win them. Didn't win any this week though. Today, I looked at going down to LCA and the cheapest seats are $170 a piece plus service fees on gameday. Bleep that.

Also we have the dreaded back-to-back coming up on the schedule. At least one of the games is against Arizona.

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2 hours ago, lordstanley said:

I’m not aware of a site that breaks down a team’s season performance by period, but it seems the Wings are not a good 2nd period team. 2-0 Florida after 2 

It surprised me when I looked it up and finally found it. Apparently, the Wings have outscored their opponents 75-68 in the 2nd period. I woulda said no way!



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Just now, 1984Echoes said:

Yeah, they might again be proving that they are not yet ready to play against the big boys...

But I'd like to see them get in the playoffs, even so...

Get hot going into the playoffs and anything can happen. It usually doesn't, but it could. 😁

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They're a playoff team...just not an elite playoff team.  Need to get better at handling chippy, physical play.  Refs were awful...flat out ignored a lot of interference, cross checking and tripping calls...but you have to be ready for that.

Chiarot and Petry...might work as a third pair.  Hanifan would be a great addition to the top 4...but we need a decent RHD for that pair. Unless you go with 2 LHD on the 2nd pair.  Worked with Stuart and Lidstrom

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I'd rather have Hanifan with Seider I think. Over Walman, even though I like Walman.

What we'd really be trying to match up is Walman and...? Who as the 2nd pair?

I can live with Chiarot-Petry as the 3rd pair.

Too bad Edvinsson is not RH'ed.

Or can Walman play on his off-hand? Or even Maatta on a temporary basis? I still like Maatta quite a bit as a 3rd pair or emergency 2nd pair guy.. but he's also LH'ed...

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they can barely keep the puck against colorado.  the defense cant move it out of the zone.

that's why you dont trade the future this year for an upgrade.  theyre still a long way from being a contender.

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