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22-23 Red Wings Prospects Threads

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This is like the ECHL equivalent I guess?  He played a game in the VHL below the KHL and got an assist, then went down to the MHL below that (VHL had a few off days) and he put up 5 points in his first game there.  I kinda love that SKA is moving him around so he just keeps playing.  Have to think he's building confidence too.  Exciting stuff so far.






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1 hour ago, Tigerbomb13 said:

This may have been touched on already, but how hard is it going to be to get Russian players over here at this point in time? I’m hoping to see Buchelnikov over here at some point. 

not sure.  i wouldnt foresee buchelnikov in north america for at least another year.  maybe two.

hopefully things have quieted down before then.

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I think buddha is right in that no one really knows.  He probably needs a season or two over there anyways.  I would err on the side of there not being issues outside of a contract if he wants to go to the NHL because it seems like Russia opts to cater to athletes more so than not in my opinion.  I also have no idea what his contract with SKA is like.  If he doesn't say anything against Putin/the government I imagine he will be able to do as he pleases but I'm no expert!

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I thought Russia/ Putin was hinting that they were going to start being more restrictive with their athletes... maybe heard that within the past year...?

If the future is so bright for this kid then I have no problem whatsoever with Yzerman taking that chance...

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To me, Putin/Russia says a lot of stuff that is posturing.  In the end I think that they have too much pride and want to show off their players at the NHL level.  He has to be over the moon that Overchkin is in position to break Gretzky's record.  My complete guess is that they'll continue to let players who play nice with the Russian system to do their thing.  Buch played a little with the Russian team for his age group so my guess is he'd be looked on favorably right now.  In the end this is all just complete guesses from me while bored on a work call.  SKA is also Putin's favorite team I think so maybe he doesn't want to lose one of their potential stars and I'm wrong haha.

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