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10/21/2022 7:30 EDT Detroit Pistons vs New York Knicks


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After pre-season Casey talked about using different lineups depending upon the matchup. Let's see if he learned anything from the game against the Knicks. Starting Bojan and Stew against Randle and Mitchell is a train wreck.

Duren needs to be in the starting lineup for this one to matchup with Mitchell. Then run Stew at PF to matchup with Randle. Push Bey or Bojan to the bench and let them come in alongside Noel at Center (he's not on the inured list and this is his former team, so he should get some minutes).

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29 minutes ago, gehringer_2 said:

a little more variety to see than Reggie Jackson/Andre Drummond P&Rs and Blake Griffin clear outs?

It's the first time since the Going to Work Pistons that I felt they had a core they can build a winning team around. I've also become more turned off by the new NBA as it seems there are more divas per capita than any other league, plus I liked the style of play from the mid 2000's instead of all these 3's. I liked watching a Ben Wallace vs Shaq matchup. It's taken time to get used to this new game.

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2 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

This bench is going to have trouble staying in games this season. Who is going to score?  

That's what I am wondering.  It seems like Casey is willing to let this game get away from us also.  Could bring Ivey back to try and stop this run but not doing it.  

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