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NBA Info - November 2022


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4 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Did he just go between his legs 4 times and then shoot a 3PT floater?

He had 33 and 12 today with 4 assists and 3 blocks.


I just went to tankathon to see the very early standings and I totally forgot that the Pelicans can still swap picks with the Lakers,I figured that trade was all done by now. I of course hope we get the 1st pick but if we don't I wouldn't be opposed to the Lakers getting it and having to give it to NO just to lol at them. 

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1 hour ago, Betrayer said:

That's some crazy stuff. I guess you just accept the injury risk if you can get a guy that can do that.

You never know - some guys are big and yet have pretty 'normal' physiology - thinking about Chamberlain for example, who was a track and field star even at his size in HS. You are talking real super outliers in the population to find that though.

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11 hours ago, buddha said:

i know he "went to duke," but forcing kyrie to underatand something is going to be a tough ask.

I don't get it.   Just dump him, man.    Way more trouble than he's worth.   I know there is probably something legal holding it up to a degree, but you can just cut him because he's not good, right?   Because he's not.   He may have tremendous skill but does it make him a good player.   Part of being a good player is making your team better.   He clearly does not.  

The Nets are now 2-0 during his suspension.   Your team is BROOKLYN,  a city with a very high Jewish population and Jewish culture.    

Be done with it.   Send this clown packing.   

The Lakers are desperate enough to take him back........it would be fun to see the Russell & Kyrie show further destroy that team.   

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The Nets are running a business and even for all of his headaches, Kyrie is still an asset.  An asset they can't replace if they cut him because they would still be over the cap.  

So you hold onto him and hope he turns things around and possibly bring him back next year on his Bird rights.  Or hope a team gets really desperate/stupid and gives you 50 cents on the dollar in a trade.

Miles Bridges is accused of far worse things than Kyrie and Charlotte still has not cut him.

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kyrie irving is a negative asset.  he is a sunk cost.  they will be unable to trade him and they are not going to re-sign him so the idea of keeping him so you can retain his bird rights seems silly.

they can keep him on the roster for this year and hope he figures it out and has a life change at 30.  seems unlikely but they dont really have any other options.  

they arent going to cut him, they'll just keep him away from the team.

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35 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Keeping his Bird rights is actually important. If a team that is over the cap wants him it can only get him by a sign and trade. So they could still get something back in return.

for $30-40 million?  i think that ship has sailed.

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