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NBA Info - December 2023


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to continue the zach lavine discussion, the bulls have won two straight now that lavine is "injured."

theyre moving the ball.  theyre passing.  theyre playing defense.  coby white (who the pistons could have had) is on fire.  

its like theyve had a huge weight lifted off their shoulders.  its as if a cancer has been removed from their body.

its because zach lavine is a loser.  on the lakers where lebron can tell him to pass, he'll be great.  on the pistons he will dominate the ball, sulk, and the team will be bad and break apart worse than now.

dont do it.

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Amen Thompson had a triple double in his G-League debut.  He was sent down because he is about to come back from an injury.

I read somewhere the other day that 13 of this years 1st round picks have done some G-League time.  Amen makes 14 and that is a pretty high number.  Teams have always been reluctant to send 1st round picks, or any rookies on the roster, down to the G-League.  Glad to see it changing.  

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4 minutes ago, Betrayer said:

Haliburton has been phenomenal, no doubt. But most stats, especially counting stats, just don't make sense anymore. Just look at how many points allowed is considered a "good defense" now.

No question - scoring 20 in an 80 pt bad boys era win is equal to 32 in a 130pt win today

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