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3/30/24 2:10PM EDT Detroit Tigers @ Chicago

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35 minutes ago, Tenacious D said:

Urshela sits again.

To start the game, yes.  But he got his glove into the Opening Day game.  And today’s lineup gets all of the position players some game time in the first two games.  I like that given the roster and the flexibility within it.  Get guys active.

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1 minute ago, gehringer_2 said:

3 runs per inning = 27

I'd be good with that

See, I’m good with keeping up the shutouts. Chicago expects to be not good this season, so might as well help them meet their expectations.

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19 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

Still worred about Spencer? 

Ump called a clear ball a strike on the first pitch, Tork turned and it checked with the ump. Then he decided he better be willing to swing out of the zone, and promptly singled on the next pitch, also close but out of the zone but reachable. I hope to see Tork get just a little less selective early in the count, he gets himself behind more often than he has to. He can take more base hits on pitches like that if he is willing.

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Just now, gehringer_2 said:

Seems someone here forgot to send Robert the memo.

Well, I suppose they were likely to score at some point.  Hat tip to Robert, he extended the at bat to get to something he could handle.  Sometimes baseball is baseball.

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