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3/30/24 2:10PM EDT Detroit Tigers @ Chicago

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15 minutes ago, oblong said:

That is so bad.  I get the teams do this now and the hockey stick and helmet was good because it showed camaraderie with your fellow sports team.  But now it’s just a ****ing advertisement for the corporate ownership?  So so bad. 

Maybe they saw how the Red Wings fell like a house of cards when one guy got hurt and they gave it a 2nd thought.    Playoff run kind of ended today. 

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12 minutes ago, oblong said:

I guess it was overdue to become commercialized.  I was under the impression it was player driven and organic. But now I assume they will utilize the new scoreboard to show them celebrating then we will get the “pizza pizza” sound bite and cartoon clip. 

curtain calls will soon be sponsored 

thats my issue if its spontaneous awesome.... this pre-planned stuff is lame 

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3 minutes ago, mtutiger said:

Excellent come back... credit to the pen for keeping them off the board so far!

Hold on, don’t I get some credit for suggesting a comeback?

50 minutes ago, casimir said:

Alright, this game is now an early chance for the Tigers to show some moxie and figure out a way to get a victory out of this.  No need to try to get all 4 runs on one swing.  But piece things together like they did in the first inning.  Plenty of time to get this game.


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