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7/4 6:40 Guardians @ Tigers DH Game #2


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I’m starting to think that they layer on multiple innings of interviews with players and fans because they recognize that Shep and Player du Jour can’t reliably carry the action and keep viewers engaged all by themselves. They need the help of having someone else do the heavy lifting of talking into microphones while they, I don’t know, catch their breath or something.

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First of all, it would not have taken even a good throw to get Miggy at third. Only a terrible throw allowed him to advance. It was a bad decision.

Secondly, what the hell is Eric Haase doing waiting long enough to advance to second on the throw to be easily thrown out himself?

Just … bad. All around. Winning teams don’t engage in that kind of nonsense.

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Wow, that dropped pop up was pretty unbelievable. And how about the pitcher Pilkington looking at the catcher Leon like, what the hell, buddy? I guess he didn’t learn in PFP that everyone else on the field has a right to the ball over him. 

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