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07/29/2022 7:07 EDT Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays


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28 minutes ago, mtutiger said:

Bryan Garcia vs. Alex Manoah.

Maybe the most lopsided pitching matchup of the year? Or at least since Elvin Rodriguez and Gerrit Cole at Yankee Stadium?

Considering the way that the defense can kick itself in the nuts, it might not matter if the Tigers have a pitching advantage.  Its incredibly frustrating to watch poor defense, particularly on some of the more routine plays. 

And its not just the plays that result in errors, its stupid plays like the lack of communication between CastroW and Reyes late in the game last night.  The catch was made, but essentially it was good fortune that Reyes' mitt was higher than CastroW.  Had the gloves been equal height, we're probably scribbling down a two base error rather than a 3rd out in our scorebooks.

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51 minutes ago, theroundsquare said:

I don't know if we have seen enought to be able to say it, but I wonder if the recently-errant throws from 3B and SS show how much Tork was doing to save those guys 

I don’t know whether Tork would have gotten that Candy throw last night. That was wayyy off.

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4 hours ago, casimir said:

And its not just the plays that result in errors, its stupid plays like the lack of communication between CastroW and Reyes late in the game last night. 

On on hand there is no excuse, on the other hand, it's also inevitable when guys haven't played with each other much.

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It's not going to be on Bally, but here is how to watch tonight's game anyway. The good news is, you won't have to subscribe to anything. We can watch it for free—or at least for no money.


Friday night’s game between the Tigers and Blue Jays ... will air exclusively on Apple TV+. It will not be available on your local cable provider or MLB.TV.

But don’t worry, the game can be watched for free here. All you need is an Apple ID. A breakdown on how to watch the game is below.

First pitch is scheduled for 7:07 p.m. ET.

How to Watch:
No subscription is needed to watch "Friday Night Baseball" on Apple TV+. To access “Friday Night Baseball” games on Apple TV+, just follow these steps:

Launch the Apple TV app and select the game there,


From the MLB.TV app, tap on Apple TV+ Game to be redirected to the Apple TV app (where available),


Visit https://tv.apple.com/ and log in with or create an Apple ID.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to have an Apple account to watch the free games?

Yes. You need to have an Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the account you use across all your Apple devices, including your iPhone. Learn how to create a new Apple ID here.

How do I sign in to watch the free games on Apple TV+?

Log in with your Apple ID. Learn how to watch Friday Night Baseball here.

Do I need to enter payment information to watch the free games?

No. Payment information is not required to watch.

On what devices can I watch the games?

See all the ways to watch Apple TV+ here.


For more information about how to access "Friday Night Baseball" on Apple TV+, visit the Apple Knowledge Base.

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