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08/16/2022 7:10 EDT Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Guardians


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2 minutes ago, casimir said:

Stat of the day:  The Tigers are now 8-8 on the season in doubleheader games.

It's hard to for even good teams to win both ends of a double header, thus by converse, is easy for even bad teams to be able to salvage one.


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Tigers offense finally catches a break when Harold's dribbler bounces off the 2nd base bag and gets away from the SS, unfortunately Baez who was on 2nd wasn't running hard the hole time and got thrown out at home.  But wait as I type this they overruled the out by calling catcher's interference. So 1-0 Tigers. 

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There was about a 2 week period early this season when it looked like Reyes might be hitting the ball a little harder, but you watch him now and it's the same old thing. He has plenty of hip rotation but his lower half is so far ahead of his bat that the lower half drive is all spent before he swings. Hopeless I guess.

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1 hour ago, RandyMarsh said:

I get major Rick Porcello vibes watching Hill from the CF cam. Not necessarily his stuff or anything even though the low 90s FB is similar but just the way he looks, his profile and some of his mannerisms. 

Hill is usefully wild compared to RP. RP was around the plate so much that when his FB slowed or his break got lazy the pitches were right over the plate where they could be mashed. Hill's pitches are all over the place - resulting in walks but it may keep the batter a little more off balance if he can keep the walks reasonable.

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How do you get 6 IP of 1 run ball from Garrett Hill? Other teams must looks at the Tigers and marvel at how a bad team can turn any sow's ear of a young arm into a serviceable silk purse MLB pitcher. Avila should get credit for having built an org that seems to do pitching development as well as anyone. And it does us no good because the hitting is worse than the pitching is good. How you can build such a totally unbalanced org?

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