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Week Fifteen: Detroit Lions (6-7) @ New York Jets (7-6)


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1071278214_LionsLogo.png.ba0495fd9f821294247fee2dcada45ad.png          vs.          jets.png.5e4ead9d6e0d2118c82cc2b52df5d489.png

Setting: 12/18/2022 1:00pm EST on FOX

Site: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ

Weather: 40° High, 26° Low, 9% chance of rain/snow, 12mph Wind

Opening Spread: Jets -2.5

All-Time Series Record: Tied 7-7

Last Meeting: 09/10/2018, Jets won 48-17


New York Jets (7-6)

Head Coach: Robert Saleh (2nd Season: 11-19)

Projected Starting QB: Mike White (2nd Season: 2-3) / Joe Flacco (15th Season: 99-80) / Zach Wilson (2nd Season: 8-12)

Last Week: 20-12 L @ Buffalo Bills (10-3)

Looking Ahead to Week #16: Thursday Night Football v. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8)



Your Detroit Lions (6-7)

Head Coach: Dan Campbell (2nd Season: 9-20-1)

Projected Starting QB: Jared Goff (7th Season: 51-44-1)

Last Week: 34-23 W v. Minnesota Vikings (10-3)

Looking Ahead to Week #16: Saturday v. Carolina Panthers (4-8)



Elsewhere in the NFL

Primetime: 49ers @ Seahawks (TNF), Giants @ Commanders (SNF), Rams @ Packers (MNF)

Saturday: Colts @ Vikings (1:00pm), Ravens @ Browns (4:30pm), Dolphins @ Bills (8:15pm)

1:00pm: Falcons @ Saints, Steelers @ Panthers, Eagles @ Bears, Chiefs @ Texans, Cowboys @ Jaguars

4:05/4:25pm: Cardinals @ Broncos, Patriots @ Raiders, Titans @ Chargers, Bengals @ Buccaneers

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The Jets QB situation is a hot mess. Mike White got taken to the hospital after their game today because he took so many hits. Yet they still chose to put in the remains of Joe Flacco rather than their #2 overall pick from one year ago, because the latter has completely lost the respect of the locker room.

Meaningful December football!!!

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39 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

I saw some of those sacks Mike White took and was surprised they weren’t carting him to the locker room in two pieces. He’s got to have some broken ribs at the very least.

One does not simply sleep over at the hospital for kicks and giggles. 

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My prediction: winner of this game goes to the playoffs. I think the Lions win 13-10. Jets jump out to an early 1st quarter lead of 10-0 but do not score the rest of the game. The Lions win is aided by a controversial INT in the end zone by Okudah. Mike White struggles with the crowd noise which is odd since it's a home game for him. Swift rushes for 184 yards with a big 53 yard run under 2 minutes to ice the game. 

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48 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

I'm surprised they don't just release Flacco at this point. Former ROTY, Super Bowl MVP, to 3rd string QB behind Mike White and Zach Wilson.

Why would they release him when White is one hit away from a collapsed lung and Wilson is nearing bust status? They may set him loose in the off-season, but not now. 

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45 minutes ago, Motown Bombers said:

How many #2 picks are so bad they are inactive not due to injury by year two and not become a bust?

I think it would be really fascinating to see a list of first round picks and grade 'em on their career... just to get an idea what percentage end up being stars... what percentage end up being good... or being just okay... or being busts.

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