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11/30/2023 7:30pm EST Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks


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Just by pure coin flip, not factoring in team skill sets or home/away or injuries or anything like that, a 15 game losing streak is a 1 in 32,768 proposition.  Extending the party to 16 tonight would be a a in 65,536 event.  The capacity for a football game at Ford Field is 65,000.  So there is one chair in there (probably a duct taped folding chair in a standing room only area) that this streak sits in amongst the rest of the crowd.  

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Killian, Livers, and Stewart all starting.  Gross. 

I do like moving Cade off the ball more.  Been calling for that for awhile.  I just don't think the Pistons will ever make a big leap with Cade as their point guard.  Killian is obviously not the answer either but at least it might get Cade off the ball a bit more.  

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People who blame Cade for any of this need to watch the 4th quarter on repeat. At least 4-5 passes to wide open 3 point shooters namely those two plugs Livers and Stewart and it was brick after brick. Get Cade some freaking help already. It's ridiculous how poor his supporting cast is.

That leads me to my next point. He seems like a nice guy but what he in the hedoublehockeysticks do people see in Livers? I see some fans saying "Lets wait until Livers gets back in the lineup", coaches also seem to love this guy. He hustles but I don't see anything he does at an above average NBA level. He used to be able to shoot 3's but he can't even do that with any consistency anymore. Players like him, Stewart, Hayes despite his good offensive game last night (he was a horror show defensively) have no place in an NBA starting lineup. Even Duren is barely passable as a starter. What a mess.

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i have never gotten the love for isaiah livers.  i realize the narrative from the team (via the media shills) is that livers is some sort of 3 and d savior, but i've never seen it.  and every time livers has a decent shooting game, the media raves about him.

he just seems like a below average nba bench player to me.  i guess the pistons are so bad that having even one MORE of those makes people go nuts.

and livers will be hurt in another week anyway.

as to cade, i dont think anyone is saying cade is a bad player, but we wanted a superstar and i dont think he's that.  he's not luka.  he's a tall point guard, not a superstar force.

yet.  there's still time and i would like to see him with good players.  but the worries about his athleticism are proving to have some truth to them.

i'm still hopeful he can blossom into a tall chris paul.

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