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Detroit At Pittsburgh


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6 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Well I predicted this would be a game they could win in the other thread given how poorly Pittsburgh was playing at the time. I no longer predict that win now that Pittsburgh has since won 4 straight games. Lions are probably going to get rolled on Sunday.

pittsburgh may have beaten the bears, but they got really lucky to do it.  the refs handed that game to pittsburgh.

i'm not sure how the lions can move the ball on them (or anyone), but pittsburgh's offense isnt all that great either.

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I don't bet but if I did I would put a few units on the Lions +9.

  • Steelers are not good. They've won by 7, 8, 3(OT), 5, and 2. 
  • Short week for Steelers
  • Long rest for Lions
  • Decker back, addition of Reynolds both may add some life to the team
  • Steelers playing the Chargers next week in SNF, could be looking ahead
  • Ben Roethlisberger is a walking corpse who should not be in the NFL.

This is one of three non-shocking winnable games left (along with Bears and Vikings).



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6 minutes ago, buddha said:

the only person who would be confused by this post is someone who hasnt watched the steelers play this year.  rothlisberger is awful.

in the absence of a better option, the emoj looks suitable as a wry face or irony. I don't much care what  the forum SW wants to call it. They are visual cues so they are what they look like, not what the forum SW decides to tag them. Call it the Humpty Dumpty approach to emojis.

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They have had a bye week to correct the awfulness they showed the last time out.  I think they will look much better defensively (it’s hard to look worse) but Watt and Heyward will most likely destroy any offensive gameplay the Lions draw up.   



Late TD gives them a back door cover but Steelers control most of the game 

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33 minutes ago, Motown Bombers said:

I'll go 17-16 Lions. Trey Flowers career as a Lion ends in this game. He clubs Mason Rudolph with his own helmet, gets suspended, and is subsequently released by the Lions. 

but does he lie afterward and claim rudolph used a racial slur?

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