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2022 Offseason Thread

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Pronman ranks the wings #2 in under 23 talent.  seider and raymond on top, of course.  he put sebrango way too low for me.  #13.
















top 4 ranked as top line players.  players through berggren ranked as middle line players.  cossa seen as a backup goalie now.  everyone from buium on down ranked as "projected to play nhl games."

i think that's way too low for mazur and sebrango.  disappointing for cossa but not unexpected because NEVER DRAFT A GOALIE IN ROUND ONE.  but he's young and still a big project.  he could come good eventually.

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31 minutes ago, Shinzaki said:

He lists Edvinsson as an "NHL average" skater.  First I've ever seen his skating listed as anything but above average

he lists so many folks as "nhl average" that it makes me wonder which nhl games he's been watching.

maybe its because ive been watching too many red wings games?

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I used to really like Pronman's stuff but more and more of his evaluations baffle me as time goes on.  Seems weird to me to have Mazur so far down his list when he's done nothing but impress since being drafted. Sebrango has already played against men and held his own.  I feel like the Athletic writers seem to gravitate towards smaller highly skilled players when wanting to give good evaluations.  Unfortunately you need other types of players to build a winning team...

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It's going to be put up or shut up time for both of those guys...

Really quick.

Ras seemed to pick up near the end of the season...

But both of them will need to turn it up a few notches... or end up as trade bait. Attractive contract unless they turn into pixie dust...

But I'm just guessing...

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i think ras will be fine for what he is: a 3rd or 4th line guy.  he should get stronger and hopefully that will result in a guy who can get to the net and not be moved and shows some physical forechecking ability.  cause they need that badly.

its just not what you want from the #9 pick.

as for zadina, he's still young and could be on a line with vrana.  he could produce.

but i'll believe it when i see him stop shooting every puck either directly at the goalie or missing the net completely.

let's see what a new system can do with them.

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yeah - whatever they see in Zadina must show up in practice because you sure don't see it in the games. Maybe he was doing a little better as a forechecker in the course of the season, otherwise still a disappointment. I have a memory burned in my brain of a Wings power play when Blash apparently decided they were going to force feed 'Z' and they set him up for something like 7 consecutive shots from the right side slot and he missed or hit the goalie in the chest 7 out of 7. It was doubly frustrating because it was so rare to see the Wings be able to sustain possession like that and then just to waste it all for guy who couldn't make good play with the puck.

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Buch played in the KHL opener I think but now he's down scoring in the MHL.  I read that SKA's teams are so close to each other they like to cycle their prospects through all 3 levels when they can so it'll be interesting to see what he does this season.




Kasper's skating looks improved a little bit maybe?  Either way he's looking good in the SHL so far this season I would say.

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Wallinder ended with 3 assists and Kasper had 2 assists.



Stole this from HF boards

So far Kasper is incredible at suppressing shots and he has 6 points in 4 games.  Tough to not be excited about this kind of play from a young center.


Amadeus Lombardi apparently played as Flint's top line center in their first preseason game, he scored a goal.  I'm hoping we get some game footage of this kid this season, why can't everyone play in the SHL?!



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