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7/6 @ 1:10 Guardians @ Tigers


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Austin Meadows did agility work on the field before Tuesday’s game. Assuming his ailing heels don’t swell up on him, he could leave Detroit on Wednesday to join Triple-A Toledo on a rehab assignment. If all goes well, with the Mud Hens, he could be rejoin the Tigers by Monday.

Meadows’ return would give the Tigers five outfielders, and make it even tougher to find an opening for Baddoo.

Reyes has hit well and seems unlikely to be sent down. Hinch likes Willi Castro’s bat and his arm in right field. Grossman is a veteran that the Tigers hope will rebound enough to be a trade candidate.

And, Greene, of course, is likely to play every day from now until forever, as far as the Tigers are concerned.

That means the only opening for Baddoo -- at least right now -- is likely to come via injury.


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The Twins are 5th in the AL in slugging.

The rest of the division is 11-14th in the AL(Royals, Gardys, White Sox, Tigers). Team home runs also track in the same line.

If you are wondering why they are 4.5 games clear of 2nd place.

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Riley Greene takes an 0-2 pitch the other way for a leadoff single.  Yeah it takes some babip luck to find a hole like that but just a beautiful swing and not to sound cliche but when you actually put the ball in play instead of whiffing good things can happen. 

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7 minutes ago, 1776 said:

There has to be an option to void this contract if the player leaves the team and does not respond when inquired upon. I would be happy to see this contract terminated. 

One of the most snakebitten parts of this season:  Our Kenny Rogers turned out to be non-compos mentos

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