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2023 Draft

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Looks like its a 2 person race next year......


1. Connor Bedard, C, Regina (WHL)

Bedard is the type of prospect you dream of being around when picking No. 1. He’s a game-breaker. Bedard has fantastic individual skill while also being exceptionally smart with the puck. He creates chances out of nothing for his teammates and shows elite ability to manipulate defenses. His shot is also truly elite and he’s a threat to score from anywhere in the offensive zone. Bedard lacks ideal NHL size, but he competes well and is a very good skater. He’s more quick than fast, but he can pull away from checks. He should tear up the WHL next season and be in the NHL shortly after scoring in bunches.

2. Matvei Michkov, RW, SKA (KHL)

Michkov, like Bedard, is a game-breaker. His combination of puck skills, hockey sense and scoring ability is truly elite. He can make offense out of nothing and is lethal inside the offensive zone. Michkov isn’t the biggest or fastest, but due to his hockey sense he’s so difficult to check because he’s always three steps ahead of the defense. Michkov is right there with Bedard in terms of pure ability and is a legit contender for the No. 1 overall spot despite his complicated situation in the KHL, where he is signed through the 2025-26 season.

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3 hours ago, slothfacekilla said:

I've seen some ramblings that teams think Michkov is going to slip down a decent amount in the draft due to his KHL contract.  Could be interesting to see where he ends up, a good team could get lucky and add a nice scorer they normally wouldn't have a chance to draft.

That remind s me of the thinking on Podkolzin in 2019. Canucks ended up picking him 10th overall. Last season, the 3rd since the draft and 1st for him in NHL. He scored 14G 12A. Most Canucks fans have pretty good hopes for him. 

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What would be a bigger win for Detroit sports landing the number 1 pick and Wembenyana for the Pistons or Bedard for the Red Wings? Seems like both are seen as generational talent and both teams have some young talent to build around on top of those guys. I guess the difference is that most have more faith in Yzerman to continue to build the roster right vs. Weaver. 

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