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2022 MLB Draft


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Ended the season at .475 win % and tied with two others in the 11-12-13 spots. So a coinflip or whatever else breaks a tie will determine our final position.

It's what we've been waiting on the past 5 years... a move to get away from those top 5 draft picks.

They actually had a stronger run this year than I thought... only in the last week did their pitching stress out from being too young with a limited innings history... I thought they'd struggle the whole month of September... I guessed earlier this year that they'd fall in the top 9-12 draft spot, and they finished at the better end of that. But not only that, they made a play for .500 and finishing 2nd in the Central... until that last week.

But job well done boys, so... until next year and the draft... have a great team-building offseason!!!

(PS: I don't see a need to start the 2023 draft thread until just before the draft... not sometime during the 2022 season because, well, we just don't CARE about draft position any more!!!)

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they pick 12th

Orioles (52-110)
Diamondbacks (52-110)
Rangers (60-102)
Pirates (61-101)
Nationals (65-97)
Marlins (67-95)
Cubs (71-91)
Twins (73-89)
Royals (74-88)
Rockies (74-87)
Mets (compensatory pick for not signing Kumar Rocker, the 10th overall pick in the 2020 draft)
Tigers (77-85)
Angels (77-85)
Mets (77-85)


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On 10/4/2021 at 8:18 PM, RandyMarsh said:

This past draft some of the perceived top 5 or top 10 picks slid to about where we are drafting. Guys like Rocker, House, Mclain and Watson, hopefully it plays out similar this year and we can snag a top 5ish talent with our first pick. 

We should still be able to get a quality player at #12. The baseball draft is a crapshoot.

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5 minutes ago, Tenacious D said:

Would we surrender if we signed Correa or anyone else with a QO?

Nope, they changed the rules in the last CBA where teams don't forfeit 1st round picks for signing players. If I'm understanding it correctly we would only lose our 3rd round pick.

Of course with the new CBA coming I wouldn't be surprised if all that gets thrown out the window. 

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15 hours ago, Archie said:

Other teams can get quality players with higher picks and later rounds.  We can only hope Al can figure it out with the 12th pick.

I would think by now Al is relying heavily on his new scouting and analytics departments?

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The top two shortstops, Correa and Seager, both have problems with durability.  Both are going to get 8+ years for huge money.  The next tier - Story and Semien - will be be a little cheaper (although still expensive).  They have been more durable but aren't as good and Semien is over 30.  I won't mind if the Tigers take chance on any of those guys, but if they are going to spend like a middle market team, the latter two make more sense.  Baez scares me with his ridiculous strikeout rate.  Simmons is going to be 32 next year and I would stay away from a 32 year old defensive specialist.   

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Correa's injuries appear to be more of the fluke variety than anything. One of the years he that he missed a bunch of games was due to torn ligaments in his thumb from a headfirst side that caught the catcher's shin guard. 

Another injury was a broken rib that sidelined him for 6 weeks. Granted the cause of the injury was weird(he says it was a massage gone wrong) but still its one of those fluke things that shouldnt be an injury that has any lasting effect. 

Other than that he missed time in 2019 due to his back which may be of concern but in the 2 years since he hasn't had any issues with it so hopefully it's behind him. 

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