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06/28/2023 8:05pm EDT Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers


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I was a big Lou Brock fan for a while because I wanted to be a Cardinals fan like my father and I though Brock was cool.  My father told me I had to find my own team though, so I became a Tigers fan in 1968 and then of course they beat the Cardinals.  I still liked Brock, but Willie Horton became my first favorite Tiger and he eventually overtook Brock.  

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8 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

Tiger killer Dane Dunning vs. Joey "meatball" Wentz, about as big of mismatch as you can get...... which means the Tigers will probably win this one. 

I was thinking the same thing. Things look really stacked for the Rangers tonight. 

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1 hour ago, Dino said:

He's not in the lineup but 4 rbi's in 119 at bats for Schoop has to be some sort of record for futility doesn't it?

not for a team that once had Ray Oyler in the lineup.    You know when they say "O-for-September" as a joke?   Well, it was literal for him.   (I think he may have gone 0-for-August too). 

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