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12/6/23 7:00PM EST Memphis Grizzlies @ Detroit Pistons


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1 hour ago, Deleterious said:

I hope they are on the horn trying to trade that pick the second they are named #1.

The glass half full side if we were to win the lottery is that people said alot of the same things about the 2020 draft and you could argue that Edwards and Haliburton may be better than anybody from the 2019-2023 drafts so who knows....of course I can't say that I trust Weaver to find that guy(s) if there is somebody like that in this class. 

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Amazing how much more pleasant it is to watch the Pistons play offense with Bojan out there.  He takes a lot of pressure off Cade and Cade does not hesitate to defer to him and let him take over some of the playmaking.  Might not make much of a difference in the win/loss column but at least they are tolerable to watch.  

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Cade played nearly a flawless half and then made two lazy passes late that led to his only two turnovers of the first half.  Seems like an abnormal number of his turnovers are those cross court passes that get picked off.  Still, nice to see him and Bojan sharing the load on offense and not have to watch Cade constantly fail trying to carry this team.

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