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Eagles at Lions


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1 hour ago, buddha said:

holy cow, deshawn hand has been activated!

but don't worry, there are still 12 hours or so for him to pick up a vicious hang nail and go back on IR.

Speaking of nails and fingers................Taylor Decker not playing again?     

Jason-Pierre Paul blew his fingers OFF, he was playing by the 8th game.   

If they can get anything higher than a 3rd round pick for him - do it.    

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Lot of reasons to think this could be MCDC’s first win.

Eagles are depleted and ready to give up on their new head coach already. Their defense is trash and their offense is one-dimensional, especially without Miles Sanders.

If the Lions can contain Hurts how they did Lamar and don’t come out disinterested like they did against the Bengals, this game _might_ not even be all that close. Ready to eat this post in a few hours.

Lions: 27

Eagles: 16

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2 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

Taking the ball when you win the coin toss is an automatic loss.  Lions will for sure lose. Thought this would be the one, ah well. 


Just now, TP_Fan said:

And the coin toss is already wasted. Immediate punt and the lions have to kick off after the half.  That is some terrible coaching.  Come on. 

You must be a blast at parties. 

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22 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

Oh Goff.  What a statue he is.  It is so hard for this offense to get any yards.  Two straight drives that had great field position and Goff couldn’t get them past the 30. And the lions miss the FG, lol.  It’s all so bad.  


14 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

24 is a really bad CB.  The lions run defense is useless. 


12 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

They should just do the end around to Reagor every play, lions have no idea how to defend that.  


10 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

Yeah. That was decided at the coin toss.


7 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

Just ran it down our throat. DL is the worst unit on the team.  Somehow.  


3 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

Swift is so good at catching the ball out of the back field.  He is equally as bad at rushing out of the backfield.  

Legitimate question. Why do you watch.

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Matt Nelson, not sure how he is in the NFL. They are going to have to commit to helping him block sweat, he doesn’t have a chance.  This game might get ugly.  Might as well just go 0-17 this year.

Its hard to phantom how far Quinn and patricia tore down what they inherited.  They built the worst roster in nfl history.  

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2 minutes ago, TP_Fan said:

So the game threads have activity.  Why would you quote all my posts instead of just ask?  How weird is that.  

It feels weirder to ruin a Sunday by watching something you clearly don’t enjoy than to perform an unconventional function in a message board.

I dunno, I’m not here to argue. A sport isn’t worth it. Just seems like if you don’t enjoy it, turn it off. YMMV.

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