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Detroit Lions 2024 Offseason Thread

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19 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Now that the season has ended it is time to discuss the offseason. Discuss the offseason.

Well.. I've got some painting that I want to get done, and I'm also thinking about replacing my balcony furniture


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PFF: Top 150 NFL Free Agents

I know a good number of players on this list will be resigned to their current team. I also know that we are likely to sign B-tier free agents and not A-tier, top guys. But taking an early look at the free agent class, man would I love to make a splash and get Jags DE Josh Allen. I know it's unrealistic to think about as Jacksonville is almost assuredly bringing him back. But Jags GM Trent Baalke is a noted dolt and has made puzzling moves before. If there was a way we could make this happen and pair Allen with Hutch that would give us the absolute perfect bookend pass rusher.

Being realistic though and looking at the pending free agents on this list adding a Kendall Fuller type player from a rebuilding Commanders team would be nice. The Commanders have a new GM and will have both a new coach and QB so they are almost certainly rebuilding next year. So prying away a player like Fuller doesn't seem unrealistic by any stretch. I'd love to get him here to pair with Sutton and be our #1 CB. Fuller had 65 tackles, 2 picks, and some good advanced stats too. Fuller will be 29 next year so getting him on a 3 year deal and drafting a guy to develop behind him would be truly an ideal scenario.

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Just now, GoBlue23 said:

Wiggins actually has a higher grade than DeJean on ESPN, 91 vs 90.  Then there's Terrion Arnold with a 90 and Quinyon Mitchell with an 89.  Seems that there's no real standout at the position so I'd rather stay where we are and take the best one available.  




I don't think it's worth it to trade up for a CB like DeJean. I'd rather stick and draft Arnold or Mitchell or Rakestraw (Wiggins doesn't tackle well... I'll bet dollars to donuts he's not on Holmes/ DC's draft board). If DeJean is the guy that falls to us fine... but I like the other guys just as much so I'd rather not spend extra picks to move up unnecessarily (IMO).

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Nobody has done a thing.  No workouts, no measurements, no interviews, no medicals, no combine testing.   All we’ve got is college tape and whatever physical measurements their school puts out regardless of reality.   That’s a tiny picture when putting together the entire grade.   The draft would be really easy if we could just watch college games and that would tell us who will be the best pros.     

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7 minutes ago, GoBlue23 said:

Obviously each team is going to have their own draft board and rankings, but that doesn't mean we don't already have a fairly good picture of who the top draft prospects are by position.  

We have a very small picture of what the first round will look like.  It’s just too early.   That doesn’t mean to not spend time on draft stuff right now but use a pencil and be open minded.  Many of the thoughts and projections on players will probably change as more data becomes available.    

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7 hours ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Don't lie, you'll be reading mock drafts and looking over the free agent class instead.

You know, after thinking about it... maybe only some of my balcony furniture, not all. I think my little table is still good


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14 hours ago, Hongbit said:

There’s no such thing as a mock draft on January 31st.  

They are just click bait for draft freaks that need to feed their jones early. 

I'm just thrilled that it's the very end of January before we even starting looking at draft stuff.

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15 minutes ago, 1984Echoes said:

Ragnow is not going to the Pro Bowl so he can rest and "figure everything out" after all his injuries this year.

If he retires: What then for the Lions?

At least the "figure everything out' line and the rest of the quote in the article is just from Monday. If he had put out a new statement expressing that again a few days later, I'd start to worry that he was considering retirement. I'm assuming for now that he just feels mentally and physically beat up and needs to get away from football for a few months.

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That's what I'm hoping as well.

But again... what if he DOES make the decision to retire?

We're already losing Jonah Jackson. 

And IMO, our O-Line is the engine that drives the offense. 

Glasgow is also unsigned... although I think he resigns with the Lions on a 2-3 year deal. He could take over at Center if need be (he did this year when Ragnow was out for that game or two...); but then we need two guards (if Ragnow were indeed, to retire).

Even if he doesn't retire... I guess the bottom line to me is that the team needs to make serious moves not only in having a starter at each of the 3 IOL positions... but also needs to have serious backup plans as well.

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