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6/11 4:10 Blue Jays @ Tigers


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Well, somebody has to pitch for this trainwreck.  It must be tough going out on the mound knowing your team might get up to 4 hits the entire game.  When was the last time a Tiger hit a home run?

Outside of pitchers, how many Tigers would actually be on another MLB roster let alone start?

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1 hour ago, Tenacious D said:

“Hey, Beau, you realize that whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?. Hope that helps.”

Would not be shocked to see him beat everyone's expectations, yet fall to 0-6 because the offense can't score runs against someone like Gausman.

He's like a glorified Mike Maroth lol

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10 minutes ago, RandyMarsh said:

Everything points to a Blue Jays massacre today which means the Tigers will probably BABIP there way to a bunch of runs and pull this one out. 

If Brieske can replicate what he did against NY, he may keep it respectable pitching wise.

But I'm having a hard time seeing this club scoe runs against Gausman

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1 hour ago, SoCalTiger said:

I hope AJ gives Reyes a good run of playing time ala Willie Castro. 

It seems I have alligned myself with Reyes and Baez but I remain confident in both despite the egg on my face to date. But today with Gausmen might be ugly. 

Gerrit Cole got hammered a couple of days ago, you never know.

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I was downtown for the March For Our Lives event,  some bicycle thing going on as well as a Pride parade for those "cursed" people.   Beautiful Day downtown.  Nice to see so many people down there.   Quite a few Blue Jays fans taking it in too...........they don't need March For Our Lives events over there..........just a mile away. 

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18 minutes ago, kdog said:

Victor Reyes is willi castro from a month ago. He starts playing too much and we will yell at him for being AJ’s pet. These are all imperfect choices until you have more legitimate mlb players.

Victor plays acceptable outfield defense. Big distinction 

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