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06/25/2023 12:10 pm EDT Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers


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3 minutes ago, chasfh said:

Nick Maton is a versatile player. He can lose games for you on both sides of the ball. 😏

the thing is, he neither throws well nor fields well, can't catch anything to his right at all. You might at well be playing Torkelson there as Maton. What is the point of beating the dead horse? Even if he starts to hit you don't want him at 3B. Guys don't often turn into better fielders at 27

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Just now, LongLiveMaroth said:

Ugh Maton. I feel for the kid but I feel like he needs a hard reset down in Toledo. Another game in which he has an error at a pivotal moment. 

I'm 100% convinced they'll never send him down this season, regardless of what level of ass-unmitigation he attains.  It's like he's Harris's little "smarest guy in the room project", for Harris to send him would be an admittance of failure...hard ego check for our new GM here.  Hell, a good GM wouldnt even have Maton on the plane to Texas today after this, he'd be on the bus to Toledo with a GM worth his salt.

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