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07/27/2023 TBD Los Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers (Game 2 of Doubleheader)


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19 minutes ago, RatkoVarda said:

Zach "Al Avila decided to pick Jace Jung instead of me over the objection of the front office nerds and now I am in the majors while Jung just got promoted to AA" Neto singles and scored on the Ohtani HR.

Because defense does not count for Al even though pitching is most important to him. Sorry for the late cheap shot Al but we have to continue to suffer for your mistakes.

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I think it's a pattern. When the deadline starts closing in and a team that made some kind of feint toward relevance realizes that the party is over because the FO is going to sell, the air goes out of the baloon in a very big way. I'm prepared for a collapse the rest of the way.

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To any hockey fans, today is like the back to back big losses by the Wings versus the Sens a few days before the NHL trade deadline this season. If there was any doubt Yzerman would be a deadline seller, there wasn't after that.

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2 minutes ago, SoCalTiger said:

Dan just summing up Ohtani " Game one pitches a 1 Hitter and homers and Game 2 hits 2 homers ". Unreal.

Even though it's against the Tigers, what a great day for a fan to attend if they wanted to witness Ohtani's greatness in all its glory.

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