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Green Bay at Lions, FOX 1:00pm


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The NFL does not have it listed, but I believe that GB has locked up home field advantage.  

Obviously if they win, they're 14-3 as both TB and LA can only get to 13 wins.  Furthermore if they lose and both TB and LA lose again, most wins.  There's three tie options if GB loses and ends with 13-4:

Here's the NFL tie breaker procedures: https://www.nfl.com/standings/tie-breaking-procedures. This page says to use Wild Card tie-breaker procedures to determine homefield for division champs.

Option 1: GB and TB:

  1. Head-to-head - They did not play each other.
  2. Best record in conference: GB: 9-3, TB: 8-4. Result: GB gets Home Field.

Option 2: GB and LA:

  1. Head-to-head: Green Bay beat the Rams  in week 12. Result: GB gets Home Field.

Options 3: GB, LA, and TB all tied at 13-4:

  1. Not Applicable (used to eliminate multiple teams in same division)
  2. Head-to-head sweep: LA did play both GB and TB, but won once and lost once, so can't be used.
  3. Best record in conference: LA and GB both would have 9-3, TB 8-4, TB is eliminated
    This this point it reverts to tie breaker between just GB and LA, and that's already shown to favor GB.
    Result: GB get Home Field.

If I'm doing everything right, there's no way GB does NOT end up with home field advantage here so I think they should be shown at clinching home field, but whatever...

On the opposite side of the ball, the Lions nearly locked into picking second.  It's possible that Jacksonville upsets the Colts, but the Colts need to win to stay in the play off hunt.  I think there may be a convoluted way that they could tie with Jacksonville and still end up in the playoffs but I don't wanna work that all out.  The upshot is it's highly unlikely that the Jags will win.  Assuming that they lose the Lions get the #2 pick regardless of whether they win or lose.



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at long last, our nightmare of a season is over.

let the real season begin!  DRAFT SEASON!

i look forward to 50 tater posts with all his mock drafts and fake trades!  cruzer?  where you at?  its your time to shine.  let's talk about speed!!!!!  lol.

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Just now, Sports_Freak said:

So is it OK to root for a Lions win since it won't hurt our draft standing? We're picking 2nd, unless there are trades. And I saw in the paper today that Green Bay isn't planning on resting any starters. But that may just to please the gamblers. The NFL has to keep their base happy. 😅😅

I’m not sure why they would play their starters for more than a series or two.  

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3 hours ago, Hongbit said:

I’m not sure why they would play their starters for more than a series or two.  

Yeah, I was surprised when I read it. Rodgers has a bad toe or foot or something too. IMO, it would be stupid to use starters.

Here's why;

" Rodgers is chasing the Most Valuable Player Award while Adams is close to breaking the Packers’ season-long receiving yardage record"


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24 minutes ago, buddha said:

no.  not at all.

coordinators get fired all the time.

If I am parsing the dates correctly, Campbell was hired on Jan 20th, Lynn Jan 27th, do we really even think Lynn was Campbell's hire or did they give him a list of guys they have already vetted and have him pick one that sounded good? I find it hard to believe Lynn was a hire Campbell was all that invested in after a one week's involvement in the decision process. And even if he was, you'd certainly prefer a guy that knows how to move on to a guy that goes down with a crew of under performers like Mike Dantonio did!

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12 minutes ago, Motown Bombers said:

I have a feeling Lynn was hired to be more of an assistant coach and veteran experience for the rookie coach. I never really viewed him as a long term option.

I think the Lions go internal. If they don't, I would look at Ken Dorsey for the job. 

I think Lynn & Goff just couldn't get on the same page

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$20 free to bet with so, I went with a stupid parlay


Washington WIN over Giants  (Money Line)

Colts WIN over Jacksonville (gutty call there)

Tennessee WIN over Houston (wow, real guts)

NY Jets to cover 16.5 vs. Buffalo.     

Baltimore WIN over Pittsburgh (Lamar is back, right?)

NOLA to cover 4.5 vs. Craplanta

Rams to cover 3.5 vs. 49ers.   Jimmy G is hurt and the Rams have something to play for.  


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