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7/3 12:05 Royals @ Tigers


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Just now, Sports_Freak said:

Can he play 1st base? It would be nice to get any production at all from a power position. Torkelson is a bust, not the 1st #1 pick to not produce.

He's a bust right now.   He struggled for a month in AAA.  I would hope someone competent gets to him and converts his double play hitting contact into something more productive. 

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Too early to call Tork a bust.  Plenty of guys who had great careers had terrible rookie seasons.   Doesn't help that he was dropped into the middle of a shit lineup.    Where is Grossman getting traded?   And why hasn't it happened yet?  Tell me the logic of keeping a guy around who is not part of the future when we should be looking at Daz, Baddoo or even Carpenter everyday?  

Why is Scott Coolbaugh still employed?   Obviously he has not found any solutions for veteran hitters like Schoop and Candy 

Now Garcia is out and he was pitching well.    Who the hell is Garrett HIll?    Our 14th starter this year - in half a season.   Meanwhile, according to Chris, the rebuild is over, it's been a successful season and whatever tradable pieces we have left (bullpen arms), are in the hands of Al Fucking Avila, who will probably draft a high school pitcher again.   

And where the hell is Eduardo Rodriguez and is he really out of touch, and if he is, are you morons still paying him?  


Good night.  


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17 minutes ago, Sports_Freak said:

0-2 pitch and he throws a cookie right down the middle. Pitch screaming..."hit me". And he crushed it. Baseball 101...don't give them anything to hit when you're ahead in the count.

Agree. This always befuddles me.

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