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Week Fourteen: Detroit Lions (9-3) @ Chicago Bears (4-8)


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Lions' road record is 5-1. Going for 6 on Sunday. Have the Lions ever won 6 road games? Looking at their 10-win seasons, with overall first then road record in parentheses.

2014: 11-5 (4-4)

2011: 10-6 (5-3)

1995: 10-6 (3-5)

1993: 10-6 (5-3)

1991: 12-4 (4-4)

1970: 10-4 (4-3)

1962: 11-3 (4-3)

1953: 10-2 (5-1)

1934: 10-3 (4-1)

1931:11-3 (3-3) *Portsmouth




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On 12/4/2023 at 5:53 PM, buddha said:

the bears dline is much improved.  especially since they brought in sweat.  i wouldnt assume the lions were going to run all over them.  they'll need a good game from goff and no turnovers this time.

Yeah I hastily typed my msg before I saw lordstanley's post on Ragnow being out. Balance of power shifts a little there

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3 hours ago, MichiganCardinal said:

Houston was reportedly late December, if at all, per Campbell. He has been seen in Allen Park working with trainers though... CJGJ had a cryptic post on Instagram that seemed to maybe indicate he would return to practice before the first Minnesota game though Campbell has been more conservative in his estimate when asked.

If the division is locked down and we don't have a collapse, I would expect them to not be rushed... Maybe return for a trial run in week 18 before the playoffs.

I'm really worried about the 3 game stretch...Denver here...at Vikings and at Dallas. We may catch a break against the Broncos, it's their 3rd game of a 3 game road trip. 

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45 minutes ago, Motown Bombers said:

Suh is still sitting out there as a free agent. With McNeil out just saying...


8 minutes ago, Jason_R said:

Campbell got asked about Suh. Said Holmes had looked into everybody. Didn’t specifically rule it out but it seemed like that door was shut. 

I doubt he would be a “culture fit”, for better or worse.

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2 minutes ago, NYLion said:

Suh is a frontrunner. He's only going to sign with a true contender/big name team so I expect either the Ravens, Niners or Eagles to snag him, maybe Miami?

I just don’t think a dude who says he’s too good for the first 14 weeks of the season really fits the “first to arrive last to leave” mentality.

I also doubt he’s excited about the prospect of returning to Detroit, he didn’t seem to love it in the first place.

Miami probably makes sense, he enjoyed Florida last time.

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I doubt she is a meddler, but I also suspect they get Sheila, Spielman, and Wood in a room if they are going to make a significant personnel decision. It’s a mature and responsible way to run an organization and this leadership group is finally mature and responsible. Signing a lightning rod of a player like Suh would amount to a significant personnel decision in my book. 

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10 hours ago, MichiganCardinal said:

I think Holmes and Campbell would have the authority to do it if they wanted to... Though she may come with a history lesson if they approached her about it.

Something similar to the history lesson Tommy Lacelles gives young Queen Elizabeth2 in The Crown regarding her father's brother's.

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Just heard Alex Smith on Sirius XM NFL Blitz talking about Philly’s defense. Relevant to Detroit’s defense.

Paraphrased: “I can see when Philly’s opponents break the huddle what defense Philly is playing. They are arrogant. They think their DL is good enough to beat you one on one. They don’t mix up coverages. Any decent OC and QB can handle their vanilla scheme and pick them apart.”

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15 hours ago, buddha said:

what's wrong with suh?

i wouldnt want him because i question his motivation and he's old.  who cares what he did in the past?

This regime does. They wouldn't trade for Chase Young likely because of his motivation issues and wouldn't draft Jalen Carter because of character concerns. So if Suh has motivation issues and won't run through a brick wall everyday at practice or takes plays off he will be no bueno for this team.

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