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6/2 1:10 Twins @ Tigers

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I changed my Shinola Detroit Tigers watch to a Bertucci watch this morning.  I fear this simple act might have jinx effects.  Therefore I'm calling attention to it so as to dispel that bad juju. 

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1 minute ago, romad1 said:

That is notable.  

well also in part because they committed to giving Kody a look. Harold could be playing LF. True, they could have subbed out someone else, but that's the 'in part' part.....:classic_dry: 

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, 1776 said:

Is the “mental break” for him or the fans?

both...no problem with it. Bring him back in a big time road environment like Yankees Stadium. See if that gets him out of his head.

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so unfortunately, if you look back to last year, you will find that Eric Haase's OPS after Aug 1 through the end of the season was 582. He did all his damage in his 1st ~225 AB. I think Eric is another case of Shelton's disease.

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