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05/31/2023 1:10 pm EDT Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers


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It just sucks, right when he looks like he is about to turn a real corner and blossom into the star we hoped he would be this happens. 

Between him and Erod it appeared that we may actually break our drought of only having relievers make the All Star team(not counting the charity Miggy thing last year) but of course they both get injured now our last hope is Zach Mckinstrey.

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Rileys left leg so thats his back and stress leg when hitting if I'm correct so I'm guessing 60 day DL is around the corner.. How does this happen ? Just fragile ? Freak accident ? 

 Erod and Greene for Olson and Marisnick . Ya that will work. Our two most impactful player down at the same time ? WHY ???? 

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1 hour ago, kdog said:

you have to laugh at the absurdity of this terrible luck.

Injuries are always going to happen.  Tigers problem is that they have no depth. It'll be amazing if they can get to .500 now with their best starting pitcher and best hitter now out. 

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Not second guessing Austin’s situation, because I think mental health is generally not treated respectfully, but you have to wonder if the deluge of injuries will have any impact on his ability to get back sooner. Also, if Parker gets called up, would that help?

Again, I’m in no position to understand the challenges he’s facing, but he is still out there.

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