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09/26/2023 6:40 pm EDT Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers


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4 minutes ago, Tiger337 said:

7 years.  

I have to admit, it's not as bad as I though it might be. He hasn't been very productive, but he hasn't been the catastrophe I feared he would -  other than April. Since May 1 he's manage a 680 OPS, which on this team meant he wasn't really playing at the expense of a better player, at least on the current roster. That not to say had he not been here maybe Malloy gets called up, but that's a slightly different argument.

Of course it still would have been far nicer to have a team good enough that carrying him all year would have been a more controversial decision!

I remember when US players 1st started going back and forth to Japan they faced some culture shock over the fact that there were issues of decorum in Japanese baseball that were more important to the Japanese than winning and losing, and American players who missed the message were likely not to be appreciated. 

Now the traditional cut throat American teams that often threw Hall of Famers overboard at the ends of their careers, have their own issues that transcend winning and losing but it's about money, contracts and marketing rather than decorum.

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4 minutes ago, oblong said:

I don't think he'll play first but I suspect if he gets a base hit in any of his at bats he will be pulled for a PR.  Unless it's in the first inning as people will still be filing in and will miss it.

Really? I would think 7-8th inning but you think even say 2nd-3rd inning they pull him?

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2 hours ago, RatkoVarda said:

I assume Miggy will play in every game, at least as a pinch hitter. Does he play 1st on Sunday?

Even better.  He's going to do the 9 positions in 9 innings thing and bat left handed in one of his plate appearances.

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