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The Tigers have fired Al Avila


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  • kdog changed the title to The Tigers have fired Al Avila
3 minutes ago, Tenacious D said:

I suspected this after the Whitaker ceremony, when Al and Chris sat on their hands to avoid getting booed mercilessly. Thought it would come after the season, though.

Obviously the camera wasn't focused on him much, but the few times the camera caught him, you really didn't see him smile.... never looked comfortable during that ceremony.

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2 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

I am surprised this came after the trade deadline but before October.

I know that many wished they would have done it before the draft / deadline, but I would imagine a move like this takes time to execute. Particularly if there are subordinates involved and moving people around to handle responsibilities on an interim basis.

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Just now, Mr.TaterSalad said:

Mike Valenti speculating that Sam Menzin will get the job. Is there any chance we get a real GM search and it lands us someone outside the organization? Maybe Theo?

[Phone is blowing up]  I don't think Valenti has a clue.  Please get someone who knows what they are doing. 

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1 minute ago, mtutiger said:

Not sure much else we can infer from the letter, but regarding all the rumors about Skubal at the deadline, there's zero doubt in my mind that this was probably in the works before the deadline took place.

Would Chris I have even signed off on a deal for Skubal?

good point

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Good move.  Clean break.  No fiddling around or waiting.  A clear message to the fans and the team.

Let's see if he can make an excellent hire.  If it's internal then that would be a huge shame.

Let's hope that Chris is ready and able to make a big splash here with a proven GM and avoid Boston's mistake.

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5 minutes ago, Edman85 said:

When else would it be? Now's kinda the lull for front offices. You don't want to cut the legs out from the draft or the trade deadline.

I suppose - but if you’re confident he won’t be returning, why let him execute maneuvers at the deadline?

His track record doesn’t exactly instill confidence that he would be any better at making moves than having a lame duck interim front office without any real authority to make deals.

Without being behind the scenes, I suppose it’s possible that Chris wasn’t going to authorize any significant trades anyway and effectively had already eliminated his authority, without making it public.

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