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Tigers Hire Scott Harris as President of Baseball Operations


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This is what I found when I dug through everybody right after Avila got fired:

Scott Harris (35) – General Manager, San Francisco Giants

  • 2020-Pres: Giants General Manager

  • 2018-2019: Cubs Assistant General Manager

  • 2012-2017: Cubs Director of Baseball Operations

  • 2010-2011: MLB Coordinator of Major League Operations

  • 2010: Reds Intern

  • 2008: Nationals intern

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This is the right direction for Baby Doc to go in, versus doubling down on eyeball scouting with someone like Matt Slater. I am optimistic that this means they are serious about going in the right direction, finally.

I notice that they have hired him as President of Baseball Ops. I assume this means they will be bringing on a general manager to report in to him? That's the structure they had in San Francisco, so my early assumption is that Harris will replicate to some close degree the structure they have out there. That would mean we should expect to see one more big front office hire—or promotion?—before Spring Training starts.

Even if they bring on another person for the GM role, I would think that as in San Francisco, Harris would be the guy front-and-center representing the team and its mission to the media and the fans.

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He can't be worse than the last GM we hired from the NL West. I'm guessing too given that he is younger and most of all worked with Theo Epstein that he's big into using analytics and sabermetrics to build and operate a ball club. Avila always said he was using analytics to construct his roster and farm system, but I'm not sure that Avila understood the analytics he was given to read. 

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On a personal note, I sort of know Scott Harris's dad. We were on the same team at Cubs camp in 2020 (just before COVID hit), which Scott had gifted him the prior Christmas. We had a couple of conversations at length and one morning at breakfast he showed me Scott's 2016 Cubs ring, which he'd brought to camp with him. Talk about super impressive. I just dropped him a mazel tov in the email. He's probably got hundreds of people doing the same with him, so who knows if I hear back. But whether he does or doesn't, he's a really good guy, and I'm really happy for him.

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